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About the KiN2 App

KiN2™ is the leader in family relationship analysis having pioneered the KiN2 KiNection Finder™ and KiN360™ family relationship manager. Over a decade in development, KiN2's proprietary algorithms map family trees in the Relationship Cloud™ by searching family relationships (parents, siblings, spouses and children), rather than just searching individual names and dates like traditional genealogy websites.

The KiN2 app matches KiN2's proprietary backend technology with cutting edge design and a viscerally intuitive interface. See how famous celebrities and historical figures are related to each other with the swipe of a finger. Find out how YOU are related to famous people. It's easy with the KiN2 app.

(For more robust family tools, including the ability to see how YOU are related to your Facebook friends, see the KiN2 web app at kin2.me.)

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